Class is in session for the Winter 2016 term; our recital is on May 1st at ArtSpring.
Registration is open for new 8-week spring term classes: Mondays @ All Saint's church and new for this term, Thursdays in the South End, at Beaverpoint Hall.
Class size is limited, so be sure to register early to reserve your spot.

New students--- contact Kristen for more information:

     Children's Dance             Workshop

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Spring recital: May 1, 2016 @ ArtSpring.

Registration open for new spring term classes:

April 11-May 30
@ All Saint's Church

3:45-4:30pm ages 6-8 Children's Yoga
4:30-5:30 pm: ages 7-10 Technique Class
                                                (Ballet & Yoga)  
South-End Families: We are coming to you this spring with a special session @ Beaver Point Hall:
April 7-May 26
Creative Dance:
3:30-4:30, ages 5-7
4:30-5:30pm, ages 8-11

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The Children's Dance Workshop offers high quality creative dance classes on Salt Spring Island, taught by experienced movement educator Kristen Lewis.
Classes for children, youth, and adults.

Please contact Kristen for more information and to register. 
For adult yoga classes, please see: 

 About the Children's Dance Workshop:

Young children
 know instinctively

how to dance. Given the right kind of encouragement, this ability only grows with time. Dance is a health-giving, natural human activity, good for everyone, not just so-called dancers!  

The Children’s Dance Workshop is a place where the innate human capacity for dance can flourish. The sole focus is on creating a healthy, happy class environment where students build dance skills, gain confidence in their creative capacities, and learn how to relate to themselves and each other with the deepest respect.

It is my goal to equip the next generation with the tools needed to feel confident and at home in their bodies for life, as a way of navigating the challenges and opportunities of our present era with resilience, courage, and grace. 

Here's a note from a respected childhood educator here on Salt Spring Island ......

August 14, 2013

Re: Kristen Lewis

I was invited to Kristen’s class on several occasions by my goddaughter
and my granddaughter. The little girls danced their hearts out while I
sat in the corner like a fly on the wall observing the wonderful way
Kristen has of helping young children fall in love with dance, explore
movement and discover the satisfaction and pride of learning a dance
routine. Kristen teaches dance but she also teaches self confidence.
She makes it fun while at the same time pushing children to stretch
their abilities and grow in their dance.

I am an educator. I taught children for decades and was also a principal
at the elementary school level for many years. One thing that taught me
to do was spot a good teacher. Kristen Lewis is a good teacher and she
radiates a joy and passion for dance that her students delight in. Keeping
a group of young children on task is a challenge but Kristen has the
experience and the techniques to not only keep all of her students
working and learning but also to make sure that she addresses each
individual child’s needs. She is kind and thoughtful and I know that the
two little girls in my life love going to dance class because Kristen is their

Warm regards

Rineke Jonker



Children's Dance Workshop
Salt Spring Island, BC

Poster from our 2014 Spring Show---We have two shows per year, one in late November, one on April 29 for International Dance Day. Children help choreograph their own dances to present in the first half of the show, and in the second half, special guest artists perform, inspiring the next generation of dancers.
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